Alcohol and other alcoholic beverages, after being processed by the assimilator, are subjected to the same alcoholic process for seven to 10 years as some alcohol preserving processes in European countries. Alcohol can be removed from the natural toxins found in alcohol.

  • Make the wine quieter, do not shake but keep the alcohol concentration
  • Add flavor, aroma and taste to any wine
  • Helping to get rid of alcohol is a natural way to reduce alcohol withdrawal
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Processing Time: 1 minute

  1. Fresh beer (whole bottle)
  2. Delicately flavored Tea & Coffee
  3. Make fresh milk & vitamins better
  4. Clean fruit (from 3 to 5 minutes)
  5. Clean jewelry (from 3 – 5 minutes)


  • Weight: 2Kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
    • * 160 x 155 x 270 – no hand
    • * 199 x 155 x 270 – have hand
  • Capacity: 50W
  • Dung tích: 0.8L
  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Material: Inox 304 and plastic ABS

Using ultrasonic technology, when the machine is operating, a large beam of ultrasonic energy is generated on the fluid that causes the molecules to oscillate, creating gaps and bubbles, air bubbles Moving with high velocity will increase the size and increase the pressure on the surface of the liquid, at which time the bubbles will explode to produce the maximum temperature and pressure that will break, break down. The molecules and aromatics contained in it, which metabolize toxins several times faster than natural metabolism.

Our products have been certified by Rosh, FDA, CE, … of safe quality used by the world’s leading international organizations. Certificates are available for circulation in the European market. Currently, the product is being sold on China’s leading online sales channel JD.com and consumed globally through the world’s largest e-commerce channel, Amazon.com.

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VTV2 Solution Eliminate all toxins in alcohol

Eliminate toxins in alcohol like Andehyd, Methanol, Este, Fufurol, high-grade alcohol …


Wine Pro NT102 Alcohol and Alcohol Detox Machine

Alcohol after treatment is quieter and less harsh. Limit thirst of water, dry neck, head when drinking a lot.


Wine Pro Wine Alcohol Detox and Aging Machine Version 2

Aging the wine such as wine, vodka, cooked wine … 20 minutes of treatment for the equivalent of earthen wine from 5-10 years.

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